SECUREMATRIX is a unique and highly secure token-less authentication solution. We have been serving our customers over 10 years with our patented solution that is very cost effective, highly secure, and scalable. SECUREMATRIX is designed to work for any size of company, including small, medium, or large global companies. Please check out our case studies from multiple customers in different industries and discover how our customers have benefited from SECUREMATRIX.


By integrating Single Sign-On (SSO) and SECUREMATRIX, They able to introduce a new authentication system that enables to access all their applications

Key Requirements:

  • Introduce low-workload authentication system to keep TCO low
  • Build authentication mechanism that can support different applications
  • Improve security and maintain existing interface


  • Reduced administrative cost by eliminating IC cards and tokens
  • New authentication system integrating Single Sign-On and SECUREMATRIX
  • Installed APIs, integrating One-Time Password into the existing system

"At first, the System Integrator suggested using SECUREMATRIX for logon and use SSL-VPN to protect our network, but we realized that it affects the users' conveniences. We had decided to keep the idea of not changing the current applications and implement new authentication system only for the high-level security areas." The System Integrator suggested integrating Single Sign-On and SECUREMATRIX in the student portal. Since SECUREMATRIX API has been released already, it is not hard to integrate the API with the existing system. The students will log in with their user name and passwords. That takes them to the general school web site. To access to the confidential information pages, such as students' grade and private data, users need to authenticate with SECUREMATRIX.
User productivity improved by integrating Single Sign-On and SECUREMATRIX in the portal. Users no longer need to do multiple logins or remember multiple IDs or passwords. Also, support personnel receive fewer requests to reset forgotten passwords.


The integration of SECUREMATRIX and FirePass achieved a secure remote access environment.

Key Requirements:

  • Enable multiple users to share computers at work - many users per computer, not one computer per individual
  • Implement an easy-to-use image authentication method
  • Reduce the administrative burden by consolidating user management systems


  • Implemented secure identity confirmation by adopting SECUREMATRIX
  • Deployed an easy-to-use image authentication solution for both new and old users
  • Consolidated a management system by adopting SECUREMATRIX without depending on FirePass

An increasingly mobile workforce puts a heavy demand on secure remote access. The company employees needed to use laptops outside the office. Because of this, they adopted SSL-VPN. Although the company already implemented access to their on-line systems via the browser using reverse proxy, this was not done for remote access. They were looking for a secure remote access solution. The integration of SECUREMATRIX and FirePass proved responsive to meeting this critical need.


With the collaboration between SECUREMATRIX and teams, they able to reduce the cost for sharing information with their overseas branches.

Key Requirements:

  • Distribute hardware tokens to overseas branches
  • Reduce administrative costs
  • Eliminate the need for extra manpower for lost and damage tokens


  • Achieved the integration of SECUREMATRIX and
  • Succeeded in a 30% cost reduction by using One-Time Password
  • Implemented Authentication Sever Virtualization

    They found SECUREMATRIX in October 2010 while looking for a token-free highly secure solution. SECUREMATRIX is not only highly secure but also easy to use. They were looking for cost and workload reduction. By using SECUREMATRIX they expect a 30% cost reduction, including maintenance and operation fees. They were able to reduce workloads by delegating the responsibilities for the operation to the data center. In the future, the major technology company is planning to enhance security for remote maintenance systems with SECUREMATRIX. Remote maintenance is a system that Japanese engineers can use to maintain their overseas' products and services.